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The main task of our department specialists is forming of advertising arrangements which provides for highest possible effect for our customers.

We work in the following trends:

  • Working out of advertising strategy
  • Production of video and audio reels
  • Media planning
  • Advertising placement in all the Khabarovsk mass media (TV, Radio, the press)
  • Advertising placement in different regions of Russia: Vladivostok, Blagoveschensk, Sakhalin, Yakutsk, Birobidzhan, Komsomolsk – on – Amur, Irkutsk, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kamchatka, Kazan and other.


TV advertising is still being a mean of maximum audience coverage. Planning an ad campaign on TV we try to use all the possible methods of advertising, for example:

  • competitions
  • presentations
  • guest in a studio
  • product placement
  • TV subject
  • ad spots


Radio is an ad mean requiring not much time for advertisers and it has moderate value as compared with other ad means. We offer all the ad means of broadcasting stations which represent a huge spectrum of various musical formats and provide with effective coverage of any target groups.

The press

The press market allows to get newspapers and magazines to take part in full planning of ad campaign. New editions spring up and they have both popular scientific and entertaining format. There are special reference books for wholesalers.

Movie theatres (“Gigant”, “Sovkino”, “Magastic”)

We attract new methods of advertising which allow to cover the active audience.

  • video and audio reels placement in movie theatres
  • advertising placement on tickets
  • banners placement in “Gigant” movie theatre

Advertising market of Khabarovsk mass media increased for last half of a year. Every month new editions are published, serials and competitions are constantly changing on TV and radio.

Practice shows that investigation results do not keep pace with impetuous changing of situation in the market of mass media. That is why experience and knack of market situation analyzing are very important.

At the present moment we take one of leading stands in the market and it allows us to have very good conditions in all the mass media.

There are special offers for advertising agencies!

Principles of work:

  • Every client who addresses our company becomes a favorite client
  • There are no too great or too small budgets
  • Very prompt information giving and documentation
  • Offering of an advertising mass media complex


Attention of advertising market participants!
The special programme is placed on the website (the town map with billboards).



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